Woman Mocked for Posting Suicidal Status Update on Facebook Commits Suicide

Image via Facebook

On Christmas Day, Simone Back, age 42, posted the Facebook status update “Took all my pills be dead soon bye bye everyone.” That update sparked a 148-comment thread about one of her previous relationships in which many called her a liar and said that she “OD’d all the time.” She had over 1,000 Facebook friends.

17 hours after Back posted the update, someone notified her mom, who then called the authorities. She later posted on her daughter’s Facebook page, β€œMy daughter Simone passed away today so please leave her alone now.” TC mark


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  • Dao

    Cried a little after reading this

  • statusandapager

    seems bleak

  • th3j35t3r

    LOL'd hard

    • bleakshit

      i dunno man, being an internet tough guy isn't as cool as you think it is

      • Bill

        Are you now *not* acting like a tough guy?

  • http://twitter.com/JosephErnest Joseph Ernest Harper


  • stan

    does it matter if people die? seems really complicated.

    • Your conscience

      Does it matter if YOU die Stanley ?!?

  • http://madisonl.tumblr.com/ Madison Langston


  • Brian McElmurry

    Damn, she wasn't crying wolf

  • Crooked Priorities

    if this woman was still alive, i wouldn't give a shit about her and would never think about her and if i saw a picture of her i would try not to be judgmental but would automatically think about her outfit choice in a negative way. now that i read this i care somehow, i feel bad, i feel sad for her, i feel scared. what the hell… death is weird…

  • Guest

    *thumbs up*

    • Csrgaytan

      thumbs up ur ass? i dont get it hit me back is that what you meant

      • Bill

        hahaha …you mad?

  • 1234

    She looks like a fat cow anyway

    • 5678

      lol you're worthless

      • Guest

        Fat Cow Alert!!!

      • Csrgaytan

        you walking by or y did you set off your fat cow alert lol

      • Bill

        Tough Guy Alert!!!

    • Csrgaytan

      and you like fat cow with two legs

      • Bill

        “and you (look) like (a) fat cow with two legs”
        Is this what you mean?
        Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

    • Jenna

      Yea says someone who cant even type their name………im sure your a 10 right?? ROTFLMAO!!!!! GROW THE FUCK UP YOU IDIOTS!!!

      • Bill

        You mad?

      • Heart.

        You a heartless son of a bitch who doesn't deserve to live?

      • Bill

        Ouch… you mad?

  • Sara Graham

    this is super-sad.

  • SJ Graham

    this is super-sad

  • CatinTx

    sick people in this comment thread. may karma bite them in the arse.

    • Bill

      who's karma?

      • jill

        probably a dog or other small, domestic animal due to it's activity of biting people “in the arse.”

      • Bill

        You're probably right.

  • Jonny Ross

    human beings

  • kate bush


  • Herr

    That freaks a women? I'm glad “shes” dead now.

    • not heartless like you

      you are fucking disgusting.

      • Bill

        you mad?

      • 1234

        obvious troll is obvious.

    • Your conscience

      Hey HERR just remember this while your off sniping about someone's dead child. We all get whats coming to us… YOU included

      • Bill

        is that a threat?

    • http://twitter.com/EncoreUrrby Ruby Anderson-Joyce

      She was mocked about suicide just hours before her death,, because no one cared enough to check on her, and all you can say is that you're glad she is dead?
      How dare you?
      And how is it so surprising that she is a woman?
      Because she;s not wearing a fancy t-shirt?
      Because she has short hair??

      Some people are so heartless. Everyone just has to judge a book by it's cover.
      “Whatever” “she looks like a fat cow” “I lol'd” ?????


      • Bill

        … You mad?

      • http://twitter.com/EncoreUrrby Ruby Anderson-Joyce

        Yeah. I am. Although that was a little immature of me, I'm still quite mad.

    • Csrgaytan

      be glad that ur moma is dead

      • Bill

        I don't get it?
        Graduate high school then we'll talk.

    • Erica

      STFU!! If you have nothing nice to say then just shut the fuck up ok! Is this really how you people were raised?? To put down people that you have no idea who they are or what was going on in their life? Fuckin think about it you fools!!
      And before you ignorant, disgusting, stupid fools that have no empathy reproduce and bring even more ignorence into this world it would be great if you died :)

      • Bill

        You mad?

  • Adam


  • Gerry Rice

    Definitely it's important. So important. This is the news.

    • Bill

      Yea, this is so “super” important.

  • http://twitter.com/geraldjax geraldjax

    well if she was suicidal, she got what she deserved. I don't go around feeling sorry for anyone who lets depression sink them so low they think death is the only escape. TouchΓ©

    • Csrgaytan

      and we all know now that you got what you deserved with ugly face cover it up you should not be proud of that nasty sick horrible are ur parents brother and sister lol

      • Bill

        Ouch… you mad?

    • Erica

      You are a sick son of a bitch!!!!!!!!

      • Bill

        You are an angry person.

    • Shamoo

      i don't go feeling sorry for niggers swinging from trees. they get what they deserve.

    • Hobopopbo21

      well you should go kill yourself too then

  • hΔ±dΔ±r

    the article is sad. the jack-asses in the comment thread are nausiating. your ignorance disgusts me. i hope you get back all the negativity you spew, wretched excuses for humans.

    • Bill

      Who are you again?

  • lushess

    it will be good once the investigation is completed, and it proves members of my3cents.com harrassed and followed Simone to Facebook and continued to torment her until she ended it all.

  • Meooow

    bill you should kill yourself too

  • rachel rocks

    If someone kills themself, because of comments, made by complete strangers over the internet, they have more issues then anyone was aware of.

    Where is this link that says it was because of members from My3cents, that she killed herself?

    It's all talk and speculation. But to blame and name a website is just ridiculous. How about those suicide websites, that tell people how to kill themselves? Shouldn't they be investigated and stopped?

  • Luckychance

    Do not judge what you know anything about….you never know what a person is going through….

  • Risu_chou

    Seeing the comments some people leave here is just disgusting… Who cares what she looked like? Really. She was a human being just like any one of us… and she was suffering deeply inside. There are people around you that you see everyday who are suffering just like her… After taking the time to read what’s been said, I now believe that humans are truly disgusting creatures…
    I cry for her in my heart even more than before. I didn’t know her but I’m sure she was a beautiful person, just lost and scared in her depression… For those of you who have NO idea what it’s like to be that depressed, that lost, that hopeless… and for those who just make fun… I really hope you get a taste of what it’s like one day…. I won’t go so far as to wish you dead but I wish you would feel emotionally dead as she did that day…
    RIP Simone, I’m sorry you’re still being bullied even after death…

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