Video Shows How Americans Feel Throughout the Day Based on Their Tweets

In the early hours of the morning, either more people on the west coast are happier than people on the east coast or more people on the west coast posture that they’re happier than do people on the east coast (personally I’d give both possibilities equal weight). People on the east coast just seem really angry at this time, actually. Around 6AM, people in Florida seem to get pretty excited, while those north of them seem more like ‘meh.’ Around 1PM, the mood starts to get kinda shitty over on the west coast – although they never do appear to become embroiled in bitter rages as do the Tweeters of the east. Around 9PM EST, things chill out slightly on the east coast, but it starts getting angry again when midnight rolls around. TC mark


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  • Erik Stinson

    this is cool


    gonna change my tweeting location to 'west coast' and hopefully gain more twitter followers who want 'pick me up' tweets. hoping there is a crossover between people who want 'pick me up' tweets and people who want 'creepy tweets to taylor momsen'.

  • Dao


  • Josh Henderson

    People in West Virginia are not happy ever, from what I see here.

  • gogo

    why are people on the east coast so angry? i'm asking this because i'm a west coaster who in all likelihood will be moving to the east coast very soon and am wondering if such a move will result in increased anger…

    • Benjamin

      traffic, idk, weather… debt from NYU

  • Tom Auty

    love that michigan peaks at pale-yellow

  • deckfight

    southern ppl seem happy too

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