This Homeless Man Has The Best Radio Voice Ever


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    drugs and alcohol stopped his radio career? hasnt seemed to slow rush limbaugh.

    • Bill A Pomerans

      nice zinger

  • tao


  • Timothy Willis Sanders


  • Daniel Roberts

    this is incredible, what a talent. love how matter-of-fact he is when he says “drugs and alcohol became a part of my life.” like, oops. hope he gets work

  • Bensaucier

    The Cleveland Cavaliers (a basketball team…) gave him a full time job and a house thanks to ThoughtCatalog err I mean the internet.

  • Michael Kramer

    wow way to read reddit

  • Weeatherhead

    good for him

  • christopher lynsey

    This made me emotional.

  • Gerry Rice

    live here. actually, this is one of the coldest, saddest intersections in the midwest. what a weird thing. kind of offended at the way the Early Show dismissed him. white trash, obv.

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