Suicidal High Schooler Chugs Entire Half Liter of Vodka in School Bathroom and Films Result

I have no idea what these Russian kids were thinking, but it probably resulted in a very serious case of alcohol poisoning. Either way, the results aren’t pretty. Dude’s probably drank himself to death by now, as this video was shot in 2007. TC mark

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  • AbleAlicia

    That was totally awesome.

  • Bitlipred

    They should rename this site Thoughtless Catalog. I remember when the content was actually considered and of high quality, now it's just hipsters posting paragraph-long jibes at other people and throwing up a video.

    • matt

      Remember when at any one time there would be two articles by Daniel Coffeen on the front page?

      • L. Christoph Dunesberry

        Daniel Coffeen and Jimmy Chen are the only regularly redeeming figures on this site. And, suprisingly, some of the contributers with only a single post have been magnificent, but their names escape me at the moment.

    • mmm

      This was ok, but get rid of Ryan O'Connell .

      • Truman

        Ryan is the reason I started coming to this site.

      • Jess

        I love Ryan! If you don't like his posts, don't read them.

      • Chagrin

        C'mon, Ryan isn't the worst writer on the site, but he is the most prolific. When you write that much, it's bound to effect quality. In terms of quality, Rawiya and Madison Moore are holding down the fort.

        You can expect anyone associated with Muumuu House to be super self-aggrandizing, believing that their tweets are literature. They will also write “re” like three billion times.

        For some reason, Kelly McClure gets away with posting her diary entries.

        That, in a nutshell, is Thought Catalog.

      • chillwave gonzales

        Sounds too reductive. TC is a surprising site with unexpected content that can't be reduced to your predetermined notions. Not sure where this anti-Muumuu House prejudice comes from. If Montaigne were writing today, he'd also believe his tweets are literature, and he'd be right.

    • Brandon Gorrell
      • Bill A Pomerans


      • mario

        bill a pomeranian.

    • Vladamir Drunkovich

      I don't know. I find these various Russian videos to contain a bleakness that I find interesting. There's definitely some articles that aren't as good as others, but I feel like you're really just reducing Thought Catalog to some “golden era” nonsense, which is kind of an elitist attitude. If you're actually going to use the word 'hipster' in a jab, you're probably not the key demographic here anyway.

    • shoehorn

      not sure i understand what the point of all the hating is. sometimes the muumuu stuff is self-indulgent or silly, but then i just skip it. other times, it's eerily insightful. sometimes ryan o'connell talks about things i don't care about, but then i just skip it. other times he's pretty funny. and, to be honest, i can think of a few examples in recent memory of self-consciously “thoughtful” or “high brow” content that i personally found to be less intelligent and insightful than either of the above.

      and also if you don't like what you see, i think not commenting sends a stronger message than shooting off a complaint that elicits a dozen defensive replies.

    • TC Guest

      I miss when this was considered low quality…Β 

  • Michael Koh

    This is how they invented homemade bungee jumping… from the recesses of their dark inebriated minds

  • Scribler

    1. Thought Catalog is illuminating and informative.

    10. In a small way, you’re supporting the future of journalism.

    Let's not lose track of what you all claim to be. This is not up to standard.

  • chillwave gonzales

    Going to listen to chillwave, and reflect on limits/eternity.

  • +35 person on Thought Catalog

    rabble rabble rabble

  • Trebuchet

    Standard vodka, 40% ethanol. Therefore, we had 200 ml of ethanol.

    Density of ethanol at r.t.p = 0.789 g/ml. Therefore we had about 160 g of ethanol.

    LD50 for ethanol, estimated 5 to 7 g/kg body weight for humans. Let's call it 5, for safety.

    Therefore the guy is suicidal only if his body weight is 32 kg and below. What a wimp!

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