High Schooler Comes Out in Speech To Entire School Assembly

Despite being “terrified… of losing friends and loved ones” (I felt nervous just watching), this high school girl, whose name is Kayla Kearney, gives a pretty emphatic and well-delivered speech in which she comes out to an entire school assembly held on MLK day. It’s nice that the high school filmed and supported it. Good job Kayla. TC mark


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  • Gerry Rice

    kept turning the volume up, so i could hear faint ridicule, but couldn't hear it.

  • http://hbgwhem.tumblr.com/ HBGWHEM

    what an attention whore.

    • http://twitter.com/billApomerans Bill A Pomerans

      what the fuck
      announcing something doesn't make you an 'attention whore'
      seems like this would attract more negative attention than positive attention

  • I. Oceanic

    Coming out speeches have a distinct, nervous tone, because the speaker is trying to force out something, to reveal private information to a public. But this speech is not convincing as a coming out speech. This speech is so dressed it doesn't sound like she's coming out of anything.

    But then speeches can be rehearsed.

    Good for her to come out.

  • Alex

    seems really melodramatic. not very poignant. too rehearsed.

  • shoehorn

    you would have to be pretty jaded to diss a high schooler for doing something like this. cool.

  • NoahTourjee

    Now way that guy is gay.

  • Chillwave gonzales

    Picked up traces of slam poetry.

  • Andy

    gay guys are cool i have no problem with them but i don't like lesbians. one time i dated a girl who became a lesbian. i never got over it or something. i was so hurt and sad. lesbians make me feel sad and dizzy. i hate lesbians. damn. i have issues.

  • http://myheartsaysthankyou.tumblr.com/ boyslikeus

    Oh my gosh is Alex and I. OCEANIC reviewing her coming out story.

    I like that Brandon Scott Gorrell is posting something that is gay themed. When need more straight people talking about gay people on this site. I'm getting tired of Ryan O'Connell representing us gays. He is too gay and quirky sometimes.

  • Ana

    doesn't seem real. couldn't ever watch it.

    • Ana

      couldn't even watch it.

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