Watch a Man Take a Hot Air Balloon 20 Miles Up… Then Jump


Nothing on the internet has been really interesting today, so instead of posting something lame, I’m posting footage of Joe Kittenger’s 1960 jump from 20 miles up.

“When I finally got to altitude, 97,000 feet, I’m looking up and it’s absolutely black overhead. I had never been that high before. It was just amazing to look up and see the black sky. It’s really a shocking event to behold,” Kittinger said in an interview with Viceland. “[W]hen it came time to go I stood up, I looked out at the earth, 20 miles bellow me, and I could see for 450 miles. I had confidence in my team, my equipment, myself, and I was ready to go because I was heading back down into a friendly environment. So I said a silent prayer; I said ‘Lord, take care of me now.’ Then I hit the camera button and jumped.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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