Meet Shannon, the Incredibly Surreal Schizophrenic

This woman called a YouTube member’s dad’s machine shop around 11 p.m. and left this surreal message. Hope she turns calls like this into a career. TC mark

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  • tao


  • chocolate dragon

    damn. that was awesome.

  • Eric

    my favorite part is when she wants to barbecue things. how would you bring over barbecue pit? isn't that like a real pit? moving pits… seems really creative.

  • ...

    sort of has a tone similar to a joke by maria bamford

  • mario

    'pink concrete' seems sweet.

  • megan boyle

    sweet, could relate

  • Travis Baugh

    i would probably act the same if i had to live in mill valley i don't think they even have in n out

    • Travis Baugh

      turns out they do but mill valley is still terrible

  • Leonart

    Sounds like Courtney Love on a good day.

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