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Here is Your Chance to Seriously Gawk at Rural America

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Not really sure what there is to be said in this kind of situation. I feel baffled. Guess this is like the ‘spoken word’ of rural Illinois? TC mark

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    • Jordan

      It sounds like a Meredith Monk piece.

    • Kelly McClure

      I've always been so confused by this. I mean, do pigs even respond to this? Seems like the kind of noise that would scare an animal away rather than bring it towards you.

    • stephen


    • Joseph Ernest Harper

      First guy is Avey Tare's father.

    • tao

      thought she was on a treadmill via pic on front page

    • Evan Hatch

      i want to make a terrible joke integrating the usage of the word “pork” as a euphemism for sexual intercourse in regards to this but i just don't think i can manage it.

    • mario

      why did that guy win.

    • Kate

      She's speaking in tongues. Someone help her!

    • Alfred

      thought “holy shit” several times

    • Daniel Roberts

      At 2:41 does she suddenly say, I like to get dirty??? ech

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