Finally, American Cities Have Been Ranked by Average Penis Size

A study like this was long overdue. Top 5? In order: New Orleans, D.C., San Diego, New York City and Phoenix.

Wonder why New Orleans is #1. Maybe because there are so many… black guys? TC mark


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  • Evan Hatch

    also, phoenix is apparently located in southern utah instead of arizona like i thought. you learn something new every day.

    • Dan

      haha yeah wtf..

  • Chris

    i am from phoenix and my jammer is like 6 1/2 inches probably…

  • Daniel – suprisingly, not sticklers for geography. Phoenix, UT.

  • london

    there's a direct correlation between the number of shrimp po' boys a mother consumes during pregnancy and her baby's penis size


  • aaron nicholas

    i participated in a condom research experiment my freshman year of college through the University of Indiana, though I went to school in maryland. i reported on my sex life for 6 months weekly, as well as using a control condom for a few months and then a 'custom fit' one they made using my dimensions. i guess the idea was to see if these new condoms were 'worth it'.

    the reward was a gift certificate to and 6 dozen custom-made condoms for my tiny prick.

    • aaron nicholas

      …which i just shared for apparently no reason except using condomania to tell my life story. sweet. no delete button.

  • a polar bear

    i blew a huge amount of snot out of my right nostril. good article, bsg.

  • Daniel Roberts

    Final sentence: risky…

  • Madison Moore

    every gay in new york says they have an 8 inch pecker. check yer manhunts

  • Rosemary McClure

    what about texas? i wanted to hear some good “everything's bigger in” jokes

  • ariel

    Somebody failed geography, since when is Phoenix in Utah? 

  • Lisa

    this is fucking stupid.

  • Glittertrashwhore

    I will say new york has some great dick, great pizza and great dick.

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