5 Videos of 5 Robots to be Afraid of

The future definitely includes an apocalyptic robot uprising.

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Uncomfortable and altogether disturbing, ‘unseemly’ school girl robot

Premiered recently at Japan’s ROBO-ONE GATE, a robot dancing competition. Elicited “cowering and whimpers” in the audience according to Switched. Perhaps based on the media franchise Sailor Moon.

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Extremely worrisome and engrossing robot legs

Dubbed the “PETMAN” prototype, this robot will undoubtedly lead the robot revolution that destroys us all. At this stage, the robot can walk at around 4 m.p.h., and can correct its balance when pushed off-course. Soon they’ll have a version that runs. With machine guns. PETMAN was developed by a contractor for the U.S. Army.

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Teddy bear robot that mimics movements with scary face scanner

This robot teddy bear’s ‘vision’ is certainly reminiscent of every robot-seek-and-destroy-vision-view in every film featuring an apocalyptic hoard of evil robots. Perhaps the next IRL “Chuckie.”

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Not a robot, but extremely sci-fi and fascinating literal pop star hologram

This hologram – Hatsune Miku – is pop star in Japan. She sells out stadiums to her massive tribe of human followers. The creation of a company called Crypton Future Media, her voice is synthesized. She’s backed up by a live band at her shows.

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Uncomfortable robot actress

This robot is actually an actress named Geminoid-F starring in an upcoming Tokyo film called Sayonara. Unsure why they’re using her because she obviously sucks at acting. Maybe it’s a horror film. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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