The Blogosphere is Sort of Raping You

I began to feel that the world was a spectacle for The Blogosphere, and that The Blogosphere presented it as such. I could see that this approach to news attracted many viewers. And how a great many other websites run by editors who knew the power of “snark” (and how easy it was to write) had jumped on board because what they wrote and published was indeed relevant.

I saw that such intelligence – showing the capability to see outside of mass opinion, to view the world as a stage and point out the logical errors of human beings that are “not us” – was a very large market to be accessed. And that it was a goldmine of unique visitors, pageviews, and clicks, which directly translated to gold, as sites such as the ones in The Blogosphere depend on the money advertisers give every time their ad is clicked.

I saw that The Blogosphere dictated that if you are going to be a blogger, you must create a spectacle. But you must do it in a way that makes it appear as if the spectacle existed before you created it.

And I saw that this is was all only simple mass-appeal journalism. That this was the way that the mainstream news media has existed and become a multi-billion dollar industry. The way The Blogosphere and those organizations in it have risen to power. In a sense, I saw how organizations in The Blogosphere were exactly like, for example, Fox News, or the local news.

Before writing this article, I was worried, because I didn’t have the idea for this article. I had no idea what I would do, but I knew I had to do something relevant that would drive traffic. As I struggle to come to any logical conclusion in this piece, I hope that I have at least driven an amount of traffic that only I can deem sufficient to feel satisfied.

In 2007, on, I blogged for hits because I was lonely and insecure and I wanted people to recognize me as a deep individual that knew something mysterious and special that they would never be able to understand, even if I were to offer them a sufficient explanation. Now I am not as lonely as I once was, and I have written this article on Thought Catalog to attract your pageview with the hopes of one day making money from it.

And I hope that you were ‘forced’ by this article’s title to read this article, and have clicked through every page, and not just page number four, as click rate is directly linked with advertising revenue. I hope that you click out of this article and read other articles on this website. I hope that you will tweet this article so that it gets 100+ retweets and a deluge of people flock to this page as a result. I hope you share this with your network on Facebook, and that this article gets reblogged and incites discussion.

I hope that I have both created and set myself apart from a relevant spectacle, and that you have seen it as such, and that you have not questioned my direction, grammar or intelligence. I am secretly worried that these things will not happen, for these things are shameful, and I feel sorry for this article’s length, as I know it is shameful and probably traffic-reducing. I feel sorry for this article’s tone as well, as it is probably not properly employed and amateur and only to be wielded by those that are out of my league. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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