Meat to be Grown in Vats to Feed Population in 2050, UK Government Says

An article at the Guardian written yesterday reported that we might need to start growing massive quantities of meat in vats to feed the expected world population of 9 billion in 2050. Not sure if the dudes have heard of fruits and vegetables before. Anyways, um, yeah. Awesome?

The article says some more stuff about how bleak the future will be: apparently, the global food supply needs to increase by 70% over the next 40 years. This will require twice the water we use to grow our food now, which, alarmingly, will then represent almost 20% of all available water for agriculture.

Up against what will most definitely be heavy competition for water, scientists warn of… issues aside from the necessary requirement to produce freakish quantities of flesh in meat factories, for example, “dramatic hotspots in Africa, India, China, and parts of Europe and the western US.” Hotspots… like, conflict zones? Famines? Nice.

Other scientists are saying that to meet increasing food demand, a green revolution needs to happen. Unfortunately, mega corporations like Monsanto and others like it dominate the agricultural technology field, and this “represents a threat to the global commons in agricultural technology on which the green revolution has depended.”

Others are more optimistic, claiming that the increase in carbon dioxide brought about by climate change, along with more productive fertilizers and pesticides, will lead to increased crop production.

Heh. I always knew climate change would save us, and not be the death of us all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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