The Key To Success? Your Breath

Imagine this was your turning point to take your life in whatever direction you can possibly imagine. What if you could learn the key tool that is going to support you so that you could finally achieve that optimum state of health, success and peace of mind this year? How cool would it be if everything you needed was available in every moment, and was infinitely abundant all around you? Because it is. The key to everything you’re setting out to create and become is within your very own breath.

Think about it: You can go weeks without food, days without water but only minutes without air. Deep breath work has easily been the most transformational practice. I have adopted in my life and I guarantee that it will change your life too. It will increase your energy, help your body to heal and open you up to the magic of life–nurturing your connection with the whole Universe.


1. How your Breathing will Create Optimum Health

Air is so much more than just oxygen. Your breath connects you to infinite potential and to the pure magic of being alive. When you consciously take deep breaths you enter into the present moment and you connect to the fountain of life which will feed your body, mind and spirit all that it needs to maintain high levels of energy, optimism and creativity. This is the absolute truth.

As ridiculous as it seems, we live in a world that has forgotten how to breathe. Check your body right now. If you’re staring at the computer screen there is a good chance that you’re not feeding yourself what is needed for optimum health and clarity. How often do you forget to breathe in a day? All of your organs are working together to keep your lungs functioning and in return your lungs pump and squeeze your organs to circulate the fluids within your body. Deep breathing alkalizes your body by removing the carbonic acid (dissolved carbon dioxide). By alkalizing your body you create balance and harmony once again. When you breathe in deeply you invite brand new life and possibilities. When you exhale fully, you are squeezing out huge amounts of toxins that cause that fogginess within your mind–as well as old, stuck energies that no longer…

serve your highest good. So, if you want clarity: Breathe!

If you suffer from severe body or emotional pain and want to experience liberation from that, then breathe. Pain is often associated with a lack of oxygen within the pain ridden area. When you breathe deeply you can feel the expansion and healing take place instantly. If you stick with this conscious breathing practice for an extended period of time you will reach a heightened state of clarity that will bring you into the pain body to hear the messages from your subconscious, or spirit, which are at the root of why you have pain in the first place.

2. How your Breathing will Help you Reach your Goals

You have a big purpose to fulfill during your stay here on Earth, right? If you really want your full potential to be activated into everything you think, say and do then you need to strengthen your immune system, keep your energy levels high and be in a total state of clarity, right?  If you could do this in twenty minutes or less per day, would you show up?

Let’s say that most of us are only breathing with five to ten percent of our lungs capacity (my estimate). If we’re only breathing this life-giving energy with five to ten percent of our lungs full capacity, then I believe we are only living five to ten percent of our full potential. If you want to live fully, then breathe fully. If you want to live a deep, expansive life, then breathe deeply and expand yourself through your breath.

Breath is energy. This, however, is not what we were taught. We were told that we needed food for energy and survival. But food is our secondary source of energy, and not our primary source. The reason so many people overeat is because they’re not feeding their body the nourishing Prana it needs to be fully activated and so they try to get energy from food. By eating as much as we do in our society we rob our spirit of its creative juices because our body needs to focus on digesting rather than creating. This whole digestive process uses up a whole lot of time and energy, especially if the foods aren’t living foods.

I’m not saying that you should stop eating, but I am saying that if you rock a super sweet breath practice everyday you’ll feel way more.clear, way less hungry and you will have way more energy to serve your purpose in the world.

3. How your Breathing will Help you Create Inner Peace

Energy primarily comes from spirit, but it also comes from the air we breathe. When you practice unconscious shallow breathing patterns, your nervous system goes into a state of shock. This makes it incredibly difficult to find peace within your mind. It also makes it difficult to find the energy you need to bring your gifts, vision and purpose into the world. Our breath is directly related to the creation of balance in your body and mind. When you slow down and deepen your breathing patterns you automatically slow your thought patterns down.

So if you’re a chronic worrier, I can almost guarantee that you’re not breathing properly. In return, this can cause those horrible, negative downward thought spirals you sometimes experience. However, if you’d just step away from your worrisome thoughts for ten or more minutes and practice some deep breath work, you’d pull yourself out of this self sabotaging cycle and into a deeper awareness and appreciation of how perfect this moment is.

To fully cure this habitual pattern of worry it will take a bit of time and dedication to a daily practice of deep breathing. You need to learn how to unwind your shallow breathing patterns. But won’t the peace of mind be worth the bit of extra effort?

To Sum All of This Up, Remember:

1. To bring your attention back to yourself and your breath. Take time to be silent and be with your breath everyday.

2. Deep breathing will cleanse your body, increase your health, raise your energy and connect you to the spirit of life.

3. When you consciously connect to this life-giving energy you naturally feel a deep appreciation for the preciousness of simply being alive. This obviously increases your levels of happiness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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