Always Look For The Lesson

Always Look For The Lesson

Don’t you wish you had a rule book sometimes? A step by step walk-through of what your next moves should be to provide optimal results? It’s really quite frustrating when all of those silent “give me a sign” prayers go unnoticed. Rest assured, the man upstairs is not ignoring you. There is a reason we face each hardship, undergo moments of sheer confusion, and suffer through such painful experiences. There is no rule book because nobody has all of the right answers, and we’re not supposed to.

Life’s greatest gifts don’t always come wrapped in pretty packages- and wisdom is definitely one of them. During every trial and tribulation, we are being shifted and molded into something else. We discover the things we like, the things we dislike, the things we want, the things we need, the people we should keep around, the places we should stay away from, and the paths we’re supposed to take. How we react to these realizations will determine our individual evolutions. The challenges we face allow us to reflect on who we once were, who we are, and who we wish to become. They’re necessary stepping stones that promote change in our lives, encouraging us to do and be better. We are supposed to fail, and it’s supposed to be uncomfortable- but those are only the first steps of a strengthening process so rigorous that if we allow ourselves to grow, we will be able to utilize that knowledge to our advantage throughout the rest of our lives. It’s too easy to fall victim to each tough experience and let it completely consume us, but when we stop expecting things to go a certain way, we can appreciate them for what they are- and adapt accordingly.

That “sign” you’re looking for is that uncomfortable void. It is the weight on your chest, the melancholy feeling in your heart, and the confusion in your brain. It’s your reflection in the mirror. It’s in the things that make you smile, and the things that make you sob. It’s in the people that make you laugh and the places that bring joy to your soul, yet it remains in the dark places of your mind begging for something to give. Sometimes it presents itself in a beautiful form that makes perfect sense, and sometimes it’s strategically placed in a position that exists solely to throw you off balance. That’s how it is for all of us. You may need to add to your plate, and you may need to take away from it- but the way you nourish yourself will always require will power, courage, and persistence.

Look back on your life. Isn’t in funny how we outgrow what we once thought we could never live without, and then fall head over heels in love with what we didn’t even know we wanted? Life’s journeys aren’t always up to us, but that doesn’t merit a sense of fear so static-inducing that we stop having the right amount of faith to enjoy all of them. Don’t go looking for the right answers- because you’ll never find them. Focus on the lessons, and actually try learning something. Your future self will thank you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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