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I Got Lost In Your Eyes

Meanwhile, I trudged through knee-deep metaphorical snow with icy winds raking my flesh like fish hooks, desperately searching for a recognizable landmark.

Dessert Advice

After all, the cupcake is the iPod of cake—portable, fashionable, perfectly sized for the busy urban dweller who can’t be hauling a birthday cake everywhere in case an unexpected cake craving (ca-kraving) should strike.

I Can See Now

Across from me, four elderly women with bifocals whispered amongst themselves while glancing in my direction, probably discussing how much candy I was eating if I had to guess. ‘I will be one of them soon,’ I thought.

Fallout: New Vegas Review

You’ll imagine you’re playing simply to purge this compulsion from your system, that once you’re finished, you can move on to other more important, productive activities in your life, perhaps outdoor activities even, but the truth is: Fallout: New Vegas is hundreds of hours long with three different expansion packs and endless replay value due to the branching storylines. There is no future for you.

If Other Famous Showrunners Made Dr. Who

At the start, the Doctor is shot by a Sonoran and regenerates as a woman played by Gina Torres or possibly Alyson Hannigan. After that, she fights evil aliens using karate along with mesmerizing wit.

5 Terrible Video Games I Loved As A Child

In the haunted house levels, for example, he would say, “Reminds me of Halloween at Rip Taylor’s!” and I’d think, ‘Who’s Rip Taylor? I’m 11.” In the dinosaur stages, he would say, “Marshall, Will, and Holly on a routine expedition,” and I’d be like, “What? Who are those people? What is he talking about? I’m 11.”

A List Of Thai Restaurant Names

Around the corner from my apartment, there’s a Thai restaurant called Thai Thank You. You get it? It’s like “Bye, thank you,” except Thai Thank You, a pun on a common phrase, one you’d probably receive as you left Thai Thank You, thus adding to the humor. Here is a list of other suitable names for a Thai restaurant.

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