Watch This Video Of A Little Girl Recapping Doctor Who

Here’s a little girl, describing the plot of the most recent Doctor Who episode, “A Town Called Mercy.” I don’t know whether she’s been coached by her parents or what, but her shockingly coherent description of each episode is stunning and adorable to behold, especially considering when I finish an episode, my memory consists of: there was a spaceship, a cowboy cyborg, and, um, the Doctor yelled at some people. 

And look — she’s dressed like a cowgirl because the episode takes place in the wild west! She’s gesticuating with her own toy sonic screwdriver! The only way this could be more adorable is if she had a kitten in her lap, a kitten with a Doctor Who scarf. Oh dear, the very notion incites cuteness induced puking and bleeding from the eyes.

Although I remember SNICK and TGIF fondly, kids today have so much more quality television available to them. I mean, when I was her age, I was watching Dumbo’s Circus and VHS compilations my dad put together of exciting clips from dinosaur documentaries. TC mark

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