Here’s Why You Should Know You’re Beautiful

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You know all those times when you’ve looked at your face in the mirror and recoiled because you spotted something you didn’t like? Perhaps you thought that mole above your lip was ugly or wished for a life without freckles.

Rub your eyes and look at yourself again. When you really let go of your pre-conceived notions, you’ll know how gorgeous you are. Here’s another tip. Look at yourself through someone else’s eyes. You’re stunning, just the way you are, and someone out there absolutely admires a part of you that you never even liked.

When you’re not sure about your body and pinch your skin in frustration, wondering why that extra layer just doesn’t disappear, you must learn to stop.

Don’t curse your cellulite; don’t cover up your assets behind baggy clothes. Remind yourself that your beautiful body has always raised you up and made you tough.

You can run with your strong legs, your scars tell many stories. Your beautiful body lets you experience waves of pleasure as you give into an orgasm. It lets you make love to someone with everything you’ve got, exploring endlessly.

Eat that extra piece of chocolate, put on lipstick and feel fabulous in your faithful jacket. You’re a lovely sight for sore eyes, and you always will be.

If you find yourself looking at a picture in a magazine and envying someone you see, take a deep breath and think: If everyone in this world looked exactly the same, the world would be rather dull and uninspiring, won’t it?

Also, you’re rather unique with your own set of features. Would you really want to trade yourself for anything else? There’s no one quite like you and lots of people adore you. Don’t break their hearts by becoming someone you’re not.

Your body is your temple. You can be anything you want to be. Treat it well, and it’ll love you back. Dress up according to your moods and comfort level, feel confident in your skin and watch how everything magically falls into place.

It’s not hard, I promise. You just need to be reminded a little about something you’ve always known but haven’t consciously acknowledged. You’re remarkable and are admired by strangers even when you don’t know it. We’re too harsh on ourselves. We deserve better.

You have loved with all your heart. A friend, a boyfriend, a musician, a pet, a dream. You’ve loved and lost. You’re beautiful because there’s so much inside you, waiting to be discovered. Your battle scars, your strength, your pain, your laughter, your quirks. Remember when you were a kid and were oblivious to the ways of the world and felt ridiculously confident in your favourite outfit? That was perfect. You need that kind of confidence back in your life right away. It’ll make you happy, it really will.

If you never like your pictures, ignore them and smile. Have you ever noticed your own smile? You’re drop-dead gorgeous and can make heads turn with that one. It’s the kind of smile that reaches your eyes and is full of warmth and comfort. Never forget about it, use it often, and go easy on yourself.

When you talk about something you absolutely love or spend a long time excitedly trekking, dancing, or writing furiously for everyone, you’re beautiful. You’re being raw, your true self and vulnerable in the best way possible. You don’t see it but you’re full of light and hope. Anyone would fall for someone like that in a heartbeat. Be you, gorgeous. Be you, always. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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