Women in Different Cities

Women in Different Cities

By Raymond Thimmes

We organize our memories according to year, place, and people. Seasons indelibly leave their mark on you as you pass through them. Unlike the cyclical, and thusly forgivingly repetitive nature of our natural seasons, we will never experience any moment or person ever again. This book is a very humble attempt at capturing people that have left their invisible wind swept mark on the author’s person. It’s examined, but not pithy. It’s maybe something considered funny or cute, but mostly nostalgic and writhing with what is missed. Forget regret, this is about experiences worth remembering. Contained within this book are a few stories and some personal letters to important women the author has known in his life. It’s exhaustively honest but be assured the names have been amended to protect those involved. Although, the author did correctly name one person, who told him she would be offended if he did otherwise. See if you can guess which one. You’re probably wrong. Read without a grain of salt. Suggested drinking to accompany reading: a Bulleit Bourbon – neat, or a 24 oz PBR tallboy, or a Brooklyn Lager and a shot of Jameson (if you’re feelin’ fancy).

About Raymond Thimmes
A contractor’s son, Raymond grew up working with his hands in western Ohio. Once, he was with his father working on a weekend framing out a dentist office. He was cutting the metal studs to length and carrying them over to his dad on...
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