We Put The Spring In Springfield

We Put The Spring InĀ Springfield

Chronicling the Golden Era of 'The Simpsons'

By Justin Sedgwick

“We Put the Spring in Springfield: Chronicling the Golden Era of ‘The Simpsons'” is a detailed study into the quirky intangible factors that lead to the rise and fall of The Simpsons phenomenal early years. From Michael Jackson’s bizarre guest appearance that kickstarted the golden era to the death of Maude Flanders and all the Conan O’Brien throwaway gags, Phil Hartman guest voices, extensive movie references and encore worthy musical numbers in between, “We Put the Spring in Springfield” serves as the perfect companion guide to the Simpsons’ golden years and delves into the particular elements that made seasons 3-8 so magical. For anyone who was religiously watching FOX Sunday nights throughout the 1990’s or just happened to borrow the season 3-8 DVDs from a friend, “We Put the Spring in Springfield” is a must read, promising to make a Simpson out of all of us.

About Justin Sedgwick
Justin is a TV/Film blogger who has spent time in New York City, Los Angeles, and occasionally on his parents' couch in Denver, CO. Constantly obsessing and writing about all things television and movies, Justin's work has appeared in...
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