Voices of the Drowned

Voices of the Drowned

By Pierce Butler

“Maura Dillion had come to the town in order to tell her husband Tom she was leaving him…”
A child’s accidental death by drowning threatens a marriage and confines the members of the family in their own separate and inviolable worlds. Voices of the Drowned is an exploration of these worlds and the voices that emanate from them. Maura’s suffering drives her to seek solace outside her marriage. Tom’s despair causes him to attempt a desperate sea crossing by night. But it is the world of Maura’s surviving child Nora that most nearly encompasses the tragedy and brings the worlds of the living and the dead together in a sustaining vision.
Set in the West of Ireland where the boundary between the worlds is always fragile—and sometimes easily crossed.

About Pierce Butler
Pierce Butler is interested in the stories people tell each other and in what those stories inadvertently reveal. He is the author of two novels– A Malady and A Riddle of Stars– and numerous stories and essays . He lives with his wife...
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