Two Minute Mentor: The Only Life Advice You’ll Ever Need

Two Minute Mentor: The Only Life Advice You’ll Ever Need

By Tim Hoch

Tim Hoch’s Two Minute Mentor contains the indescribable musings of a man who has experienced the highs and lows of fatherhood, marriage, career, and faith. In this collection, the hard questions are asked: Is life just random, disordered chaos or a perfectly harmonious universe where everything happens as it was preordained? While Tim’s advice isn’t perfect or one-size-fits-all, it’s primarily designed to encourage you to get out of your own way, explore alternate views and embrace others. These are his stories, his lessons, his advice. Some of it is actually pretty damn good.

About Tim Hoch
Tim Hoch is a lawyer, mistake repeater, embellisher of past accomplishments, forgetful husband, capricious father, double standard practitioner, weak ass raconteur. He likes to mask his shortcomings by making fun of other people. His...
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