The Truth About ‘Almosts’

The Truth About ‘Almosts’

By Thought Catalog

Some love is big and a force to be reckoned with; some love is quick and fleeting and only around for a moment. But there’s another kind of love, a love that isn’t as easily definable.

And that’s the ‘almost’ love. The ‘could have been’ love. The ‘what if?’ kind of love.

Almost relationships may not be as easy to define, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t valid. Their love is real, the feelings they stir up matter, and the pain they leave behind is just as difficult to deal with after it’s gone.

The following 20 essays explore every inch of the ‘almost’ relationship. From the magic of possibility, the frustration of the ‘what are we’ talks, to the devastation of realizing you may never know, The Truth About ‘Almosts’ attempts to make some sense of a relationship that never had a label. And in that attempt, it hopefully finds some healing for you along the way.

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