The New Age Camp

The New Age Camp

By Chloe Caldwell

“The New Age Camp” camp depicts the clumsy awkwardness and fragile self-discovery that being a teenager is all about. When Chloe, a young woman from New York State, takes a summer job working at a camp for teens in Upstate New York, she has no idea what she’s in for. And maybe that’s a good thing. With a humor that is by turns self-deprecating and candidly critical of the world around her, Chloe describes a summer of Reiki healing, menstrual moon cycle charts, trance dances, junk food, borrowed clothes, teen girl angst, and ultimately emotional growth. Not just for the teens in her charge, but for Chloe herself.

About Chloe Caldwell
Chloe Caldwell is the author of the essay collection "Legs Get Led Astray" (Future Tense Books). Her work has appeared in, The Rumpus, Men's Health, Nylon, The Nervous Breakdown, and various anthologies. Her novella, "Women"...
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