The Last Tower

The Last Tower

By Elias Witherow

A decade ago, twenty-six Towers of unknown origin rocketed into the Earth, destroying almost everything in an event known as “The Impact.” Most of the remaining population slowly began to change, their minds altered to conform to the will of strange creatures that stood atop the mysterious structures. Humanity began to turn on itself and these brain-washed individuals became known as Red Eyes. Now, ten years later, Sam, Alex, and Luna trek across a ruined world, searching for a man they believe is responsible for it all – a man named Empire, a man no one can seem to kill. But time is running out. The Towers are stirring once more. What is their purpose? Where did they come from? Who is Empire? And what is the Last Tower?

About Elias Witherow
Elias Witherow lives in New England and continues to explore new ideas and ways to disturb people. But if you ever run into him, he’d be more than happy to buy you a drink and talk writing. With each new book, he strives to grow and...
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