The Heroin Heiress

The Heroin Heiress

By Grant Butler

Shortly after breaking up with his unfaithful girlfriend Allison, college professor Vince O’Malley gets a call about a break-in at his house, and whoever was there left a disturbing calling card. Police immediately suspect Allison, who has completely lost her mind and is eventually found and committed to a mental hospital. But when Allison turns up dead from a drug overdose, and other strange coincidences begin happening, Vince begins to wonder what he really knows for sure about his ex-girlfriend. Why did she lose her mind? Why was her apartment trashed so badly? And why was she so obsessed with a ratty old stuffed bear? Along with Chloe Vale, an old friend of Allison’s from their school days, the two begin to learn more about Allison’s strange background and twisted family. Eventually, the two set out to find the truth about Allison’s death, her personal history, her mysterious and rich mother, and the strange disappearance of her father.

About Grant Butler

rant Butler is an author from the Midwest who writes true crime and several genres of fiction. His literary influences include Stephen King, Ira Levin, Agatha Christie, and Thomas Harris. Cinema is also a big influence on his...

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