The Heart is the Center of the Universe

The Heart is the Center of the Universe

By Laura Livia Grigore

This is a book about love, and the desire to find inner peace. Poetically written, Grigore’s words will get under your skin and make their way straight to your heart, triggering and describing a full palette of emotions that all of us have experienced. It is a book about break ups and departures, love that resembles obsession and that deep, transformative power of true love. Spiced up with powerful psychological insights of erotica, it will make you dream and dance to your own rhythm, wishing your loneliness away. We are never really alone, and at the end of this journey which includes stories and poems, you will find your personal warmth intact and a promise for inner peace. The Heart is the Center of the Universe is a colorful and emotional book that highlights the tremendous healing power of art and honesty. Listen to your true inner voice and love will come. Again and again.

About Laura Livia Grigore
Laura Livia Grigore is a poet, painter and psychology enthusiast, with a background in space engineering. She likes to experiment with various mediums and types of writing. Her artwork is orientated on emotions, reflecting her opinion...
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