The Head, the Heart & the Home

The Head, the Heart & the Home

By Kaitlyn Wylde

In awe of her DNA, at war with her anxiety and at odds with her heartstrings, author Kaitlyn Wylde is never at a loss for words. In her new collection, The Head The Heart & The Home, she gives her readers orchestra seats to a timeless drama of love and intimacy, and struggling with the absence of them. Under the white-knuckled grip of anxiety, the chainmail blanket of despair and the windless knock of heartache, Wylde thrives as a storyteller.

Together, these seventeen pieces map out the root of a voice. And while this collection, like most by Wylde, is extremely personal, readers will have no trouble finding glimpses of themselves around every corner. In fact, it’s inescapable.

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