The Good-ish Girl

The Good-ish Girl

By Nina Concepcion

In her first book of autobiographical stories, Nina Concepción chronicles the moments in a person’s life that we can’t (and won’t) forget. Our first best friend, our parent’s divorce, and all those nights staying up watching Newsies and writing fanfiction (you did that too, right?). Concepción’s comedic voice is strong and The Good-ish Girl will make you cringe, laugh, cry, and want to give your ten-year-old self a bear hug.

About Nina Concepcion
A Nor'Easter born and bred, Nina currently lives in Los Angeles where she is a writer, improvisor and performer. Along with Thought Catalog, her writing has been featured on HelloGiggles, Converge Magazine, The Siren, The Gaggle and her...
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