The Chick-tionary

The Chick-tionary

A Compilation of The Most Misunderstood Words and Phrases in The Female Language Translated and Decoded For Men

By Marni Kinrys

The Chick-tionary is a complete manual that beams a powerful light onto the most puzzling, perplexing and BAFFLING female behaviors…turning them all into confident clarity for you, and illuminating the simple steps to making her YOURS (for one night or for years to come).

What if you were one of the few men who knew exactly how to respond when a woman says things like:

“I’m not ready to date right now”
“Hey,” (then she just leaves)…
“I have a boyfriend” (after flirting with you)
“I don’t want to ruin our friendship”?

You’ll find out what all those things really mean about you and what to do next plus 85 more of the most confusing female phrases and actions SOLVED when you read The Chick-tionary. Never be confused by the things women say and do again!

About Marni Kinrys
As founder and owner of The Wing Girl Method, Marni Kinrys has spent the last ten years helping men (and now women) meet, attract and understand each other better. Her blog, Wing Girl Method, is top-rated. She also provides one-on-one...
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