‘Star Wars’ Is Still Intact: Re-Finding Yourself in the Age of Trump

‘Star Wars’ Is Still Intact: Re-Finding Yourself in the Age of Trump

By Rhett Wilkinson

What if there is a particular day when you fall out of faith? There was at least that for Rhett Wilkinson: July 12, 2015. Rhett didn’t expect that that would launch an existential crisis, though the departure of his wife and rejection by family didn’t help. But he had to get out of a cult, and that came during an extraordinary cultural time in the United States. “Star Wars” returned to the big screen and Donald Trump was elected president, resulting in a public questioning of institutions. Along the way came insights, narratives, or thoughts Rhett had that he may not have thought otherwise.

About Rhett Wilkinson
Rhett Wilkinson (me): Described by a rival community newspaper as a “big-city cousin,” Rhett has written for national online publications like Thought Catalog, The Inquisitr, Patch, Bleacher Report, Medium, and The Good Men Project. His...
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