Sparks In Broken Lights

Sparks In Broken Lights

By Angelo Caerlang

It’s heartbreaking to lose the one you thought you would settle down with one day. But life doesn’t have to stop just because your relationship with someone has ended. This book will walk you through the journey of what it is like to recover from heartache and eventually find the kind of love that will last a lifetime. Sparks In Broken Lights means despite your brokenness, there is still hope that your heart will heal. There is still hope that your story will become better. And there is still hope that someone will come into your life and will change everything that you thought you knew about love.

About Angelo Caerlang
Angelo is an author and a writer currently based in Asia. He works as a Certified Public Accountant during the daytime. As a contributor for Thought Catalog, he writes articles that focus primarily on the lives of people in their...
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