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Somewhere on a Highway

Somewhere on a Highway

By Marisa Donnelly

Sometimes you’re moving forward. Sometimes you’re running in place. Sometimes you’re sprinting 90 miles an hour in what feels like the wrong direction. Sometimes you’re stuck. Sometimes you’re driving with the road spanning out in front of you in all its endless wonder, and you’re at a loss of where you’re really going. Sometimes you just close your eyes and trust. Donnelly’s first collection of poetry, Somewhere On A Highway, takes you on a journey of questioning, of experience, of growth, and of discovery, mixed with loss and love and the challenges of becoming. She writes openly, honestly, and fearlessly about heartbreak, faith, leaving home, growing up, losing yourself, and finding yourself in the wake of change. This collection will hurt you, heal you, challenge you and remind you what a gift it is to be human.

About Marisa Donnelly
Marisa is a Chicago girl, currently living in San Diego, California. She enjoys drinking cheap Italian wine, writing poetry, teaching, eating plenty of carbs, running (yes, for fun!) and taking care of kids that aren't hers. You can...
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