Sex, Drugs, and $25 Salads: One Week at the Chateau Marmont

Sex, Drugs, and $25 Salads: One Week at the Chateau Marmont

By Ryan O'Connell

When Ryan O’Connell went to stay for a week at the glamorous Chateau Marmont hotel last summer, he didn’t quite know what to expect. Would he become instant BFF’s with Lindsay Lohan and do lines of coke off of John Belushi’s ghost? Would he have vacuous sex in the hotel elevator with Benicio Del Toro, just like Scarlett Johansson once did during an Oscars after-party? Or would he just be really, really bored like Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning were in the movie, Somewhere? The answer, it turned out, was none of the above. After spending seven days running around the hotel looking for drugs, sex, and expensive salads, Ryan realized just how bizarre the Chateau Marmont actually was. And after capturing what he saw there, he can pretty much guarantee that he’ll never be allowed back in again. Chic.

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I'm a brat.
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