Rules of the Trifecta

Rules of the Trifecta

By Claire Selius

Can one person be a Trifecta? Claire has dabbled in it all trying to find what everyone is searching for–the one! She has dated guys, girls, and girls that look like guys.  Claire’s background is a combination of 3 different viewpoints that create a Trifecta of knowledge. From evolving sexual preferences to hilarious first date fails, Rules of the Trifecta offers up a whirlpool of situational expertise that everyone can relate to. This combination of dating and relationship rules can be like braille as you attempt to feel your way up (or down) through the dim world of dating. Claire has no qualms about telling it like it is, and more importantly, how it should be. You’re welcome in advance.

About Claire Selius
Claire Selius is a witty marketing professional, entrepreneur, and college professor that can quote all Rocky movies and Sara Bareilles music verbatim. She has a few degrees, but finds that most things you stumble upon from experience. ...
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