Rocket Man

Rocket Man

By Brian McElmurry

Anyone who has known a hardcore drug addict knows they aren’t like the movies, cliché, shaking, but actually appearing normal, just as they were before. Until this illusion is no more. That is the story of Rocket Man, a 25,900-word novella. Dylan is a childhood friend, homeless, couch hopping, and addicted to heroin. And Ian, the narrator, is the old friend letting Dylan sleep on his couch in Denver until Dylan can find a job and a place. The two ex-Southern California stoners recall their youthful adventures over bong loads and whiskey, and Dylan tells his tale of addiction. Filled with stoner storytelling, the quick-talk and con of the addict, and the hapless people that try and help them. Part Somerset Maugham, part Noir, part Beat, and part the movie Valley Girl, Rocket Man is not the man they think he is at home.

About Brian McElmurry
Brian McElmurry dropped out of college and wrote 2 novels and a novella while working at menial jobs. He feels like a Don Quixote and hopes to publish them one day. If you leave a comment on something he wrote, it will validate his...
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