Riding Solo

Riding Solo

By Chris Wiewiora

After a motorcycle crash, Chris ricochets into an interracial relationship with Kisha. In her dorm room and under an Obama ‘HOPE’ poster, Chris loses his virginity to Kisha. Unable to ride his motorcycle until he completes months of physical therapy, Chris replaces the excitement of riding with the craving for more and more sex, while Kisha still yearns for her ex-boyfriend–also named Chris. Chris-the-narrator considers a pornstar career, but instead posts to Craiglists’ casual sex encounters. When multiple women, couples, and even men respond, Chris must choose which danger is worth the risk to pursue.

About Chris Wiewiora
Chris Wiewiora grew up in Orlando, Florida where he skateboarded drainage banks, rode motorcycles along saw palm hedged highways, and tossed 30-inch pies up in the floury air of Lazy Moon Pizzeria. He mostly writes nonfiction, which has...
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