Relax Already & Get Sexy

Relax Already & Get Sexy

An Adult Coloring Book of Real Dirty Dreams

By Daniella Urdinlaiz

WARNING This is a coloring book all about sex. Children and/or twerpy little brothers, please find something else to color. The name says it all: this is An Adult Coloring Book of Real Dirty Dreams. Ever dream of coloring in a picture of someone else’s junk? Then your dreams are about to come true. (It would probably be best if none of the dreams in this book come true, however.)

About Daniella Urdinlaiz
Daniella is the illustrator, designer, and all-around creative rover for Thought Catalog. Her work is heavily influenced by the demented humor of Ren & Stimpy, anything that was ever on air in the 90s, and all the sexual deviance that...
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