Portions For Silver Foxes

Portions For Silver Foxes

By Claire Mott

Ensnared by the sleazebag charm of Tony—minor blogstar and middle-aged skateboarder—the sharp-but-hopeful Claire Mott invokes her wiles to accelerate digital flirting to a proper amorous undertaking, all the while unwilling to fully admit that she may be the one being led, a coquette pup drawn into the den of a deliciously terrible Silver Fox. What unfolded later became fodder for Claire’s first piece of SlutLit; a modern Aesop’s fable with a singular moral: just because you can fuck your way into something, doesn’t necessarily mean you can fuck your way out.

About Claire Mott
Claire Mott is a reasonably attractive 20-something that loves New York… most of the time. She doesn't have a trust fund and is only half joking when she calls her anecdotes SlutLit. She can be reached at nosexcitynyc[at]gmail.com.
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