Park Avenue Purgatory

Park Avenue Purgatory

By Micah Enloe

Colin is a lustful, failed writer living with his boyfriend Rudolfo in Astoria, Queens; he’s also a 9-to-5-er at Heller, Heller, & Hah, an esteemed insurance brokerage firm in a tall brass tower on Park Avenue. It’s a place where the verbal abuse is more pungent than the instant coffee shit-pods and the CEO is a Korean dictator in love with Napoleon and money. On Colin’s usual morning walk to HH&H, a tragic accident occurs and a revelation ensues. Bleeding out, Colin transforms into a wandering, shape-shifting soothsayer throughout time and place. Conjured by his own slow demise, Colin travels through kaleidoscopic memory, visions of the future, and the sacred, forgotten words of his past, eventually revealing the most important wisdom ever spoken to him. Wanton, surreal, and hilariously raw, Park Avenue Purgatory is a testament that lightly bears witness to the darkest of thoughts that hide within: Will this be the day one of us is found dead?

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Micah Enloe is an author of nonfiction and fiction, an advertising copywriter, a scriptwriter for feature film, TV comedy, and branded video, as well as a gym goer, world traveler, tree hugger, and actor...
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