Of Ghosts and the Living

Of Ghosts and the Living

By Wayne Schutsky

Rick is an unassuming limo driver and former petty thief, quietly struggling to come to terms with the sins of his past and his hopes for the future. While the anti-hero longs to one day find love and peace, he cannot easily forget his crimes and leave the past behind. A noir tale of love, murder, and reconciliation, Of Ghosts and the Living sheds light on the nature of human compassion and many ways it can manifest in our lives. As Rick attempts to redeem himself in his own eyes and the eyes of those he has wronged, he begins to wonder whether or not he will ever truly escape the ghosts that haunt him.

About Wayne Schutsky
Wayne Schutsky is a twenty-something writer living in Phoenix, Arizona. He has spent his entire life in this dichotomous cross-section of desert and urban sprawl and attempts to incorporate the conflicts inherent within the landscape...
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