Nutella on My Pillowcase, and Other Sticky Situations

Nutella on My Pillowcase, and Other Sticky Situations

By Rachel Hodin

Comprised in this book are my proudest pieces for Thought Catalog thus far. To be a pillowcase stained with Nutella suggests the opposite: that there is such a thing as a clean pillowcase. And it is this dichotomy you’ll find laced throughout the chapters here, as well the accompanying stress of maintaining a lifestyle with clean pillowcases. To be clear: “Nutella on my pillowcase” is no euphemism; it’s my default state, my natural habitat. I can even recall my first foray with the hazelnut spread; I was in an hour-long bat mitzvah lesson and I finished the entire jar. Ah, it was a young love—a rushed love, sure—but it’s proven to be a stable one. And the rest, as they say…is on my pillowcase.

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