Nobody Will Buy This

Nobody Will Buy This

Don't Drink and Tweet

By Mat Devine

How do you feel about protecting the surface of your coffee table from unsightly wine rings? Because at the very least, this book could make a nice coaster for your glass. Very least, very most, whatever. I’m completely emotionally prepared for this book to get god-awful reviews. NOBODY WILL BUY THIS Note from the Publisher: This book is the ultimate multipurpose tool. Potentially lethal if thrown, highly flammable, and a delicious high fiber/low carb goat feed substitute.

"Mat Devine is a genius. And also an idiot. Mostly an idiot."
––Jude Angelini, Author (Hyena)
About Mat Devine
Mat Devine is a touring singer/songwriter (Kill Hannah), an actor (Spiderman Turn Off the Dark) and the author behind the popular blog/social community The Raccoon Society. Location: Manhattan (via Chicago & CT.) Wingspan: 5’...
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