My Life is a Soap Opera

My Life is a Soap Opera

By Chris Wiewiora

After failing to land a publishing job following graduation, Chris tosses pies at Lazy Moon Pizzeria where he works with his ex-best friend and former roommate Steve. During college, Chris just barely escaped a love-triangle between his ex-girlfriend Christina and Steve. In My Life is a Soap Opera other ex-girlfriends randomly stop in the restaurant reminding Chris of all his regretful relationships. When Chris falls in love with Lauren–the best friend of Chelsey, a lesbian Chris crushed on–how will he make the leap out of the hook-up culture at the restaurant and into a real relationship?

About Chris Wiewiora
Chris Wiewiora grew up in Orlando, Florida where he skateboarded drainage banks, rode motorcycles along saw palm hedged highways, and tossed 30-inch pies up in the floury air of Lazy Moon Pizzeria. He mostly writes nonfiction, which has...
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