Molding a Jurassic Universe

Molding a Jurassic Universe

By Steven Ray Morris

Molding A Jurassic Universe is a collection of essays exploring the space where nostalgia and geeky culture collide, all through the lens of Jurassic Park and the Jurassic Park franchise. The twenty-one essays muse on traumatized heroes, dinosaur martyrdom, the ethical implications of having a theme park full of extinct creatures brought back to life, cynicism as form and function in filmmaking, a shaving cream can as a foundation to world-building, and more. Molding A Jurassic Universe, is also a primer for the onscreen world of Jurassic Park on the eve of the rebirth of this franchise.

“As an almost lifelong Jurassic Park devotee, I was surprised to learn a few new things about my favorite franchise in Molding a Jurassic Universe. It’s a delightfully nostalgic look back at a unique source of entertainment that holds a special place in this nerd’s heart and mind.”
Jill Pantozzi, Editor in Chief of The Mary Sue, The Nerdy Bird
About Steven Ray Morris
Steven Ray Morris is an author, musician, cat owner, and an okapi in his next life. Floating around California with detours living in New Zealand, Great Britain, and Japan, he currently resides in Los Angeles until persuaded otherwise....
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