Maybe I Should Drink More

Maybe I Should Drink More

By Stephanie Sparer

Maybe I Should Drink More, like most books about young adults trying to find their place in the world, starts with a breakup. Stephanie Sparer explores the oddities of life in a series of candid essays about dating failures and dating wins, self-actualizing, work, and the slew of anxieties that come free with your college diploma. Her prose raises questions such as, “Do five people equal a party?”; “Am I attracted to this dude or just his plaid shirt?”; Am I working hard enough?; Should I relax more?”; “Maybe I should drink more?” Maybe you should just read this book for the answers and stop looking at the synopsis.

About Stephanie Sparer
Stephanie Sparer is a freelance writer who tweets at @StefiSpice. Her musings on life have been featured in many places including Heeb Magazine,, and She collects hairbows and compliments.
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