Mary & Kate & Ashley & Peter & Paul & Mary

Mary & Kate & Ashley & Peter & Paul & Mary

By Todd Van Luling

Mary & Kate & Ashley & Peter & Paul & Mary is 22,222 words long and the protagonist is actor Peter Gallagher. According to the protagonist, this is a novel about inventing a cult and a language with only your eyes. The 57-year-old and beloved OC father tries his hand in writing “the next great American novel for millennials,” sponsored by Lacoste Live! This novel is about future-tech, dystopia, millennial writers, and lots of other things, too. Mary & Kate & Ashley & Peter & Paul & Mary wishes it were Spring Breakers or Super Sad True Love Story or Peter Gallagher. This novel is a love story.

About Todd Van Luling
I'm a student at William & Mary in Colonial Williamsburg. If you would like me to write something for you I'd probably be happy to do so. Email me at or follow me @toddvanluling.
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