Love, Sex, and Other Things You Might Find at the Airport

Love, Sex, and Other Things You Might Find at the Airport

By Zaron Burnett III

This book is like a cross-country road trip with your favorite cousin the first summer you’re old enough to get high with him and he decides to tell you what he knows about life. These essays are as wise as they are laugh-out-loud funny, and as useful as the best advice you ever got about matters of modern love, great sex and the necessity of romance. Reading Zaron Burnett III’s essays is a rare opportunity to experience curiosity about all things expressed without judgment, clarity tempered with compassion, and truth as the most exhilarating aphrodisiac. Within these timely observations and candid confessions, you will find a ton of insight, provocative theories, an equal amount of humor and an unexpected optimism that will not be denied.

About Zaron Burnett III
Zaron Burnett III is a freelance writer and journalist. He lives in Los Angeles and enjoys surfing, '60s soul music, thinking about the future, and long walks with no particular destination. You can reach him at...
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