Life Never Ends Well

Life Never Ends Well

A Cavalcade of Murders, Suicides, Accidental Deaths, & Tragic Endings

By Jim Goad

In painstaking and often painfully funny detail, this book focuses cases where people died in ironic, unusual, or outright horrifying ways. Whether they died on roller coasters, in wood chippers, by shark bite, answering a Craigslist ad, while texting, in the course of masturbating, or simply because they laughed too hard, this book ties them all together in one big bloody red ribbon. You’ll read about severed penises, concert tragedies, kids who killed their parents, moms who killed their kids, women who murdered their husbands, couples who killed for fun, and felonious Santa Clauses. As this book illustrates in lurid detail, death is never fun—but it doesn’t have to be boring.

About Jim Goad
Looking for aspiring writers to mentor, pet, and patronize. Allow me to set you on the pathway to literary glories that your grandparents couldn't even dream of, because they didn't have computers.
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