Letters from Dinosaurs

Letters from Dinosaurs

By Leland Cheuk

A penniless father tries to reconnect with his estranged Internet mogul son by penning a letter. A seemingly content Chinese-American couple’s marriage unravels when a friend brings over his new white girlfriend for dinner. A former gaming champion attends a Buddhist funeral in the hometown he abandoned and his life changes forever. The traumatized best friend of a campus shooter becomes homebound by choice for years, testing the patience of his aging parents. A fantasy baseball league email thread goes horribly wrong when one of the members overshares about a family tragedy. A lovestruck college student discovers his father’s involvement in a Madoff-level Ponzi scheme and must decide whether he’s cowardly or courageous in both love and family.

In eleven stories that range from heartfelt to satirical, Letters for Dinosaurs is a fresh and complicated portrayal of American Asian lives, exposing the fissures between family, friends, and lovers opened by race, culture, and class.

About Leland Cheuk
A MacDowell Colony fellow, Leland Cheuk is the author of the novel THE MISADVENTURES OF SULLIVER PONG (CCLaP Publishing, 2015), which was an Amazon National Bestseller in Asian-American Literature. Cheuk's work has appeared in...
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