Knot the One

Knot the One

By Stacey Becker

In Knot the One, Stacey Becker shares her story of getting dumped right before her wedding, and how it became one of life’s greatest fortuitous nightmares.

While working as a lawyer in D.C., Stacey turned to online dating after finding it increasingly difficult to meet people the “normal” way. So, she felt fortunate when she met Brad and formed an immediate connection with him after dating for only a short while. It was a whirlwind relationship that led to an engagement, but ultimately ended in an exhausting break-up not long before their wedding day.

Dumped and heartbroken, Stacey must untangle herself from the mess of a canceled wedding, a confused ex-fiancé roommate and the shattered promise of happily ever after. With the help of her loving, quirky family and close friends, Stacey starts to reassemble her new life as a single woman. Her dip back into the dating pool is entertaining, cringe-worthy, and told through an honest lens of someone searching for her true life partner.

Knot the One is a rollercoaster ride of a memoir written in Stacey’s sharp and witty voice, with nostalgic flashbacks to her summers spent at camp which would turn out to be a very important place for the fate of Stacey’s romantic future.

About Stacey Becker
Stacey Becker is a 30-something writer who lives with her very tall, Star Wars-loving husband in New York City along with their baby daughter and equally cute dog, Wally. Disguised as a corporate lawyer, Stacey circumvents any serious...
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